146 things I learned as a multi-hustle obsessed college student

According to the strengths test, one of my strengths is love of learning. It’s true. I love learning about everything, have sparkly eyes whenever I learn about something new, and have a virtual garden of things I know and things I want to learn. In fact, my laptop homepage has a picture of my learning donut.

I currently study in the health allied professions while pursuing UX design and marketing. I worked for companies completely unrelated to my course. As interests, I love reading on psychology, learning how to code, calculus (lol), and a lot of other things. I enjoy reading, writing, and dietetics. I also have the habit of reading virtually most write-ups I come across upon. I’m not an expert — on anything perhaps — but I love growing my garden.

As someone who tries to live by “No to mediocrity!”, I’ve had multiple tumbles and falls through my whole journey of balancing my life. Plus, I’m honestly still in the middle of reading life advice books. I’m still in the middle of my journey, but I’ve picked up a lot of learnings along the way.

Here are 146 things I learned as a multi-hustle obsessed college student:

  1. Self-care before everything.

To all my multi-disciplined hustlers, we’re doing greeeat!

I hope my tiny musings offer some insight.

Side note: I wrote this while at a beach with no network connection. Most ideas popped up while I was walking with my legs immersed with the water. It was peaceful.

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